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    This is an FYI to anyone that uses Versamail to get Exchange based email, contacts and calendar.

    I recently performed the Verizon 1.10 update via the SD card. After the install I installed Versamail 3.5.1. which comes on the Treo 700p disc.

    Problem: I can no longer sync calendar items.

    Symptom: When syncing for the first time the sync status shows that my email, contacts and calendar are coming over, but the calendar data never actually shows up on the phone. What makes the problem more interesting is the when I add a new event to the phone it appears in Outlook. But, if I tell Outlook to perform a Send and Receive on the calendar and then do another sync on my phone the item on the phone will disappear leaving only the Outlook based calendar item.

    We have lots of 700p's and it seems that other phones with 1.06 work fine. It's only myself and one other person that upgraded that are having this issue.

    Here are the software differences between my phone and another phone.

    Mine Phone X

    Calendar v1.3.1 to v1.3.2
    Contacts v1.3.1 to v1.3.3
    Versamail v.3.5.1 to same

    I think that somehow Versamail is looking for the version #'s to match to import data into. Or it could simply be a bug in Calendar 1.3.2.

    I'll report back if I find any way to fix this.

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    Please keep us updated as I'm having the same issues. I just haven't had the time to research what the problem might be. I'll buy you a beer for your time...
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    Will do.
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    I haven't upgraded to 1.10 yet, but I did notice that in the last step on the upgrade instuctions at Palm that they recommend re-running the EAS update after the rom update. That could have something to do with what you're seeing.

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    I'm having the same problem
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    Hmmmm...I'm actually a Sprint user. There is no mention of reintalling EAS on the Sprint updater page ( although they do mention goodlink.

    I'm wondering if I need to install the EAS update as well?

    I did setup VM for push from my Exchange server, it linked up, synced the first time, and flashed the "you have direct mail" or something message. Email pushes fine but the contacts and calendar do not. VM is at 3.5.4.

    Edit2: Also, I'm running Keysuite which I think is my problem, although KSv3.6 is suppost to play better with the built in databases.
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    I did install the EAS patch after my versamail install. I have tried it with and without, both fail.

    Update: I've looked into the file sizes and versions and it appears that only two files have changed. Both are ROM files.

    CalendarLib-P1CL (Calendar Library File)
    Old: 62K
    New: 63K

    Calendar-PDat (This is the actual calendar program)
    Old: 249K
    New: 254K

    I still think it's the Calendar program and not the Calendar Library file that is to blame.

    I even went so far as to delete all events in my Outlook Calendar and then hard reset my phone again. Still no luck.

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    I'm having the same problem and have tried the following:

    1. Remove the Exchange Server account from Versamail
    2. Delete the CalendarDB-PDat file using FileZ - this clears the calendar of all data except my contact's birthdays.
    3. Re-create the Exchange Server account in Versamail. - After the account is created, is gets the data from the exchange server. When it gets to the calendar sync, it goes through many items. I can see the appointments flipping by and they all seem to be syncing but when it is finished, nothing is in the calendar on the treo.

    If I create an item on the treo, it is created on the exchange server but not vis-versa. Once created on the treo and synced though, I can delete if from my desktop and it will disapear from the treo. It feels like the treo is getting the appointments but for some reason thinks they are already in the Treo's calendar and ignores them. Does anyone know if these is a Versamail or Calendar DB file that stores this info?

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    It stores them in Calendar DB.
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    Also noticed that when you create an appointment on the Treo, then move it in outlook, it disappears on the Treo. This is not good!
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    New News:

    I used FileMan to beam the rom apps from the old 1.06 firmware to my 1.10.

    I've moved every calendar and datebook related app to the 1.10 firmware phone and it still doesn't work despite the phone having the older version of calendar now.

    Now both phones have the same version of calendar.
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    Me too, pretty annoying. I hope they fix this one soon.
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    I am having the same issue as well. This is not annoying, this is a loss of productivity for me. You remember how much hell was raised when Blackberry went down for 8 hours? This will potentially take me Palm users out of the water for weeks+. If they don't come up with a real quick fix for this one, I don't know what I'll do...
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    Just got off the phone with Palm. They acknowledged that there is an issue with the MR breaking Exchange ActiveSync. She recommended that I disable EAS and sync the Palm in the cradle for now. She said there would be an update "very soon"
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    Mine is working fine with no problems.
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    Did she give any ETA at all?
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    What version of exchange are you running?

    Can you post the steps you took to upgrade so we can give it a try. I agree with Chamm, this is going to cause a huge downtime for Treo users. Maybe your steps can help.
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    here is the strange thing i noticed. when i would enter an appt on the treo, it would go to my Outlook calendar. Whats strange is, I then did a hard reset onthe treo, reinstalled versamail and the EAS update, re syncd, and only that appt returned.

    So how did the Treo differenciate between my previous appts and the one it had created? I tried this twice and both times same result.

    Anyway, palm really needs to fix this one NOW. The do all this advertising on their website that they are Microsoft Gold partners etc blah blah and now we can sync with the same exchange server we used to? This is terrible quality control - first the Sprint update and released then pulled, and now the VZE update kills exchange calendars.
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    The woman was pretty obviously working at a call center, and if I had to guess, I'd say it wasn't located in the US. When I asked for any kind of ETR, she said "We are aware of the problem, and it will be fixed soon." I said "How soon is soon?" and she said "That's all I can say right now."

    Not very helpful.

    I asked to speak with a supervisor, and without even hesitating, (as if to look around the room for supervisors) she said "I am sorry, no supervisors are available right now." I asked if a supervisor could call me back. She said, "There are no supervisors here. I am sorry. Is there anything else I can help you with?"

    She gave me a SR# and that was it. I went into my Verizon store and asked for a replacement phone. They are going to send it to me in 2-3 business days. I just hope it has the old firmware. The manager at the store even seemed open to switching out my phone for another model of phone. He asked me if I ever thought about using a BlackBerry, but honestly, I really don't like any of the other smartphones there. I don't think there's a way to sync Blackberry directly with Exchange unless you purchase the Blackberry server, and that's the #1 reason I use the phone.
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    Quote Originally Posted by chamm View Post
    The woman was pretty obviously working at a call center, and if I had to guess, I'd say it wasn't located in the US. When I asked for any kind of ETR, she said "We are aware of the problem, and it will be fixed soon." I said "How soon is soon?" and she said "That's all I can say right now."
    At least she knew about it. Was she at Palm or VZW? VZW isn't aware of it, although I give them kudos for trying real hard to help - the reps I spoke with called Palm (who were clueless) and are working with me to get me a working phone.

    Palm, while the reps are friendly, hasn't seen fit to tell their reps about the problem (at least as of yesterday) so it's hit or miss when you call, in my experience. They did work with me to determine it was a real problem, and called back to get various info about my device to help their troubleshooting so it appears they are trying to fix this bug. The odd thing is they haven't told VZW about it (I spoke with a store tech yesterday when I was getting an upgrade on another line; he had not heard of the issue); given they will bear the brunt of complaints you'd think Palm would work with VZW to at least acknowledge the issue so VZW can come up with a workaround until the issue is resolved.
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