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    I'm sorry to create a new thread, but I see there are hundreds of posts regarding the Verizon update and it's tough to find the specifics as to how to get the update.
    I gather that some (but maybe not all) stores have it and some employees are aware and others are clueless regarding the availability.
    If a web based update is still forthcoming (yes, I know, we've been waiting for a while) I can wait, but if the update is only available through the stores on a, presumably, case by case basis I'd like to know.
    • Do you need to call tech support and make an appointment or is it just on a walk in and wait basis?
    • Are all Verizon models capable of being updated? My phone's software is Treo700p-1.06-VZW.

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    1. Walk in and wait. And of course hope that the store actually has the update and the tech people are sympathetic enough to actually install it for you.

    2. All Verizon Treo 700p's can be updated. Make CERTAIN you back up all of your data beforehand. I'd recommend doing a clean reinstall of each app, one by one. It's tedious but it's always the best way to guarantee a smooth experience down the road. And always install the newest available version of each app whenever possible.

    If you don't luck out at the retail level and your Treo is still under warranty, you can try to call VZW direct and get them to swap yours out for a refurb'd 700p that is pre-loaded with the 1.10 update.
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    Call the store before going in. I called at least 20-30 in Southern California, and only the Hawthorne store had the upgrade.
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    Palm just released the v1.10 on it's website. Grab it here:

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