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    High all, I recently got a palm 755p and ended up having to do a hard reset and lost my warfare inc. game and not sure who to contact to get the game reloaded on my phone. the mytreo support page says to contact the 3rd party makers, but I didn't see any contact info on the warfare inc website. any advice on this would be great. I also got the local news for sprint tv and that reloaded just fine.

    also do you know if the 755p can use the sprint navigation program?

    It was giving me an error when I went to download it saying my phone doesn't support it. I was under the impression that the 755p was one of the upper models no? not sure why it wouldn't be capable of using it.

    Thanks in advance,
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    Well who did you buy warefare inc from?

    Email them your info and they should send you out a new key.
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    Thanks for the help andrew, I ordered the game from sprints download page built into the phone. It charges onto to my next bill and plays instantly, which is cool, but seems pretty easy to rack up your bills if you enjoy yourself too much on it hehe

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