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    I would love to just get the Blue-tooth fix. If there is a .PRC file or files for the blue-tooth fix I would be a happy camper until the MR is generally available.

    Some people hate the MR so much that they would like to go back to the ROM before the MR. By being able to choose what you want from the MR via a .PRC file you can have your cake and eat it too. Or at least test drive the features to decide if it is worth it to do the upgrade.

    I have seen a bunch of requests for access to the ROM dumps, but I have yet to see anyone actually post the ROM files.

    Can someone please make the files available somewhere?

    Thanks in advance to the good guy in the white hat.
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    Palm just released the v1.10 on it's website. Grab it here:
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    That is not a rom dump!!
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    Quote Originally Posted by BridgeScore View Post
    That is not a rom dump!!
    A ROM DUMP would not help. The MR is a firmware update as well as a ROM update. That's why it takes so long and one reason it sometimes fails.
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    The bluetooth stuff is part of the bootup process (initialize bluetooth) and can't be "loaded" after the palm has booted. Thats why you need a ROM update/flash.
    The rom is in hacksplit format, check the directories of your unzipped files and you will see the a-g of the pdb.
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    Problem is I am not sure I want to do the MR. Decisions, decisions.

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