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    FYI. Just noticed today that they are now charging $2.95 each for their enhanced county maps. The basic ones are still free. Not sure when this changed--I already have some enhanced maps that I downloaded for free several months ago.

    On another subject--does anyone know if there is a way to preview maps before you buy them? I'd like to see if the new $2.95 maps are any different than the enhanced maps they were giving away previously. Also, there is a conspicuous hole in the coverage of one of my current maps. Would definitely like to see if it's been fixed, but don't want to pay $2.95 and end up with the same thing I already have...
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    At least as I understood the website, the free maps and the enchanced, $2.95 maps are both updates (1999 tiger files) from the old maps (1990 tiger (census) files). So the free map should have some additional data (like roads which were put in the past 10 years).
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    Seems to me that you should be able to get your $2.95 back if there is a hole on the map still...

    On a side note, I noticed that the new release of Mapopolis(which is supposed to support GPS's) is now delayed until July. As of a few days ago, it stated the release date would be in May. Go figure...
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    Mapopolis was the best for detailed maps of the county. Too bad about the costs. I wonder if the other free software programs will follow suit.
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    At $2.95 a map, I might as well go back and start looking at the commercial apps again. There are 7 counties in the metro area where I live, so we're already talking $21.

    $1 a map would be more realistic, IMHO.

    That said, they do offer an $18 subscription.

    $18 isn't bad for unlimited access to all maps.
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    Since the maps are downloaded to our hard drives and then transferred to our visors maybe there can be a way to centralize all the maps that all of us have and e-mail to each other whatever enhanced map we need!!!.
    For example I have just about all the counties in my state. And "Homer" has the 7 counties from his "metro area" If he would need to come to my state I could e-mail him my maps!!!!etc etc etc
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    For (I believe) $17.95, you get a one year subscription to download all of the maps that you need.

    Great deal

    Great software

    Great maps
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    We need to realize that the days of net freebies are over. These companies need to make money or they will perish. I rather pay a small fee for to a good source of maps, then have no map source at all.

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