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    My 700p has developed a consistent problem where it won't wake. It won't respond to incoming calls and it won't respond when I press the power key. A soft reset gets it going again, but it seems to be happening at least once a day now. I haven't put any new software on...
    Anyone else have this problem? How was it resolved?

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    A search for "lag" will produce lots of discussion concerning this issue. If you are in a low signal area, use a program that requires access to the data network and must sign in to it due to loss of signal, or an email program that is doing its, things, these are possible causes. A soft reset is not necessary to get it going again, just let it sit for a while and try it again.

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    I looked at the lag posts, but what you describe doesn't seem to match my symptoms. I'm not in a weak coverage area, I don't have a data connection open all the time. If I want to use my treo, I do have to do a reset, because when I try to wake the palm I see nothing but a blank dark screen. If I want to do anything - check calendar, make a call, all I have is darkness.

    Don't get me wrong, I love my phone, and have been very happy, but this business of missing calls is ridiculous.

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    Don't imagine that it is your problem, because I think that you are in summer in the USA, but I have had that problem associated with exposing the phone to low temperatures.
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    I'm having the same issue. I've been deleting apps trying to narrow it down. So far I've hard reset twice but no luck. Does your phone freeze up from time to time as well?
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    It's all about freezes and lags. The phone will lock up trying to get a signal and/or apps trying to access the web will just kill the OS.

    I have the same problem you describe and I have had it with 2 units... it's all in theory fixable with the MR whenever it makes its "public" appearance
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    I am on Sprint and already did the MR, and I haven't had this issue before then. Mine isn't a lag, it is a response, no white screen, just a hard lock up like my old PC used to do back in the day.

    After cleaning up everything I could, I upgraded Google maps to 1.2, but it froze immediately after that.

    I deleted Causerie yesterday and so far so good. I am up to 47 meg free and have narrowed down to the fewest 3rd party apps I could without losing the functionality I need. We'll see.
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