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    So I bought the palm cradle from ebay about two weeks ago. It says palm on it, came with the international adapters, etc....for about $40.00. Not bad....Today I am on the phone and just looking at the charger and it flips open....I forgot about the spare battery charger.....well low and behold is a brand new palm battery!!! The only difference between this and the one in my phone is that the palm one in my phone says samsung on it as well. Is the battery safe? Am I just lucky? I feel vindicated because I lost my BT headset this weekend.
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    Your bonus for buying a used cradle! Not sure about Samsung though.
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    Ah but the cradle isn't used....It was wrapped up and all, just not in a palm blister? card. I think it fell off the back of a truck....
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    Quote Originally Posted by cadman View Post
    Ah but the cradle isn't used....
    Well, somebody used it and forgot to remove his extra battery.
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    I think the charger fell off the back of a did come from Brooklyn
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    Trust me, it's used.
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    Ok....even still, it works great....and now I don't have to worry about carrying around a spare charger...

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