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    I have used Weather Manager from for a couple of weeks. It no longer works. There is no warning on their website, and they know of the problem with the source of their information. DON'T waste your money. You will not get a refund.
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    I don't own, haven't used, nor have affiliation with them..

    However, my question is how long has this been going on? If their weather data source changed, they might be in limbo as to what steps to take. Is it going to return to normal, thus no changes on their end, or will they have to update their software to parse the new data, etc.

    If it's been weeks then who knows...

    Personally, I like 4Cast and TreoCiel. Both very similar, but TreoCiel has some more data I like.
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    I use XWeather, myself. Excellent app and it allows you to add your own maps for extra profiles.

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