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    Can people who have had positive Verizon MR experiences please share them? I am trying to decide on whether to do it or not. The only problems I have with my 700p are 20 second freeze-ups when going in and out of signal and spotty Bluetooth connectivity while moving outside.
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    Positives: updated contacts with map button
    sms fixed with ability to disable delivery notifications
    bluetooth seems to work a little better
    ability to use sdhc memory cards


    IMHO I'd say wait because having my data connection go down is more annoying than the above positives.
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    Dumb does one get the update? Do you have to go to a store and wait on line? Are all Treos available to be updated, or only certain ones? Do all stores have them?
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    Quote Originally Posted by barakaspeed View Post
    Positives: updated contacts with map button
    sms fixed with ability to disable delivery notifications
    bluetooth seems to work a little better
    ability to use sdhc memory cards


    IMHO I'd say wait because having my data connection go down is more annoying than the above positives.
    So the SMS issue isn't really fixed, they just kludged in a hack for it to disable the delivery notification? Palm impresses me yet again. Not that I need the little green check mark, but still. Fix the real problem, don't hack around it.

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    After subjecting my 700P to water resistance testing (it failed), I got a refurb from Asurion with the MR installed. It works great on the new phone after syncing up to the profile from my old phone. No more stuttering with ptunes and lag switching to Blazer is greatly reduced. I haven't found any downsides yet. My old phone (no MR) had been having issues with data disconnects recently, and the new one doesn't so that has been an improvement rather than a problem for me.


    Edit: BT works much better than before as well. It reconnects reliably if I leave and come back to my car, which the pre-MR phone rarely did.
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    I have the MR 1.10 and it has fixed my problems. Or atleast I haven't experienced them yet.... Am I soured on Palm or what? Anyway. The phone was handed back to me from Verizon Tech Support with the "White Bar Banner" Which based on my reading here meant that it had to be reprovisioned to get data. I did the *22899 like was recommended here. And after it reset on its own... the network worked, all was good. I have said to much... My phone might be listening. I don't want to jinx it...

    I have not yet tried SAG. I will soon. I want to read more first.

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    The phone part of mine works much better! In the hallway at work, it would cut out, but now it's strong all through the building. This is worth the MR alone, plus Blazer is much faster. I solved my internet connection problems by increasing cache size and using Reset Doctor's automatic cache management feature. Knock on wood, no problems at all!
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    Nothing but POSITIVE experience here! No hangs in and around the phone application. SMS works great and launching/exiting Messenger is very quick. Email application runs fast and strong. I downloaded a 2+Meg Agendus update today in like 10 seconds!!! If dbCache gets low on memory, Blazer still starts in "white screen" but not for nearly as long. The MR update has made using the 700p an absolute pleasure!
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    Let me first preface this with I am a heavy phone user, but no data at all (can't justify $45/month for data when I am usually right by a computer with internet access).

    My Bluetooth issues are gone (with my Moto H700). Before the MR having Bluetooth turned on on the Treo would cause random resets, resets for most incoming calls, and many times out going calls would not pass through the headset. Now I can leave Bluetooth on the phone, flip the headset on and off, the Treo reconnects to the headset without any problems, and audio is always passed through the headset (checking the box in the headset preference pane).

    Other then that I would say I HAVE noticed a couple of little hiccups, micro-lags if you will, but nothing like what I would routinely see pre-MR. I am a heavy text messager, but never encountered the extreme text messaging lag reported by others.

    No Hotsyncing problems. All my main apps work great (CallRec 5.1, Today 2.3, and Timesheet 1.2.3). I've noticed that SMS alert sounds seem to be cut a little shorter than they used to be - but no major problem there.

    All in all I am extremely happy with the MR. It's turned my Treo into what I had upgraded from my VERY trusty 600 from - a Bluetooth capable Palm.
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    Welp heres my 2+cents about the upgrade.. I'll only share stuff that has happened so far but honestly 1 good solid week of using this will truly render its verdict. After the upgrade i really dove into all aspects of the treo to see whats different: for better or worse or whatever.

    My phone has only rebooted once so far and it was when I was going through the entire preferences menu. The date & Time option rebooted itself. I disabled it since I live in AZ and the Timezone never changes.

    Phone Info Versions:
    I noticed the Entire Bluetooth stack was at 3.1.2 and dated 2007. Other info screens showed copyright of 2007. Other versions had this 'A' after them and some others had Airsam v1.02m01 , Address v4.5.1.1.P . Now not sure if this the 1.06vzw had this but i've looked at these time to time and i dont remember seeing these odd variables.
    PRL Rev: 50855
    PRI Checksum: 0x8278

    Address: you got the neato little button for 'Maps' to get that into google maps.
    Google Maps: its updated.. nicer.. yadda yadda.. just nicer a little bit.

    Lags: (again 1st 6 hours) I've experienced ALOT lesser lags. Ive had some fast ones here and there but its considerably less. Even my most laggiest program "EZ-tipper" seemed way more responsive. Again.. give it time... we shall see....

    The Sprint DTMF Tone issue: I actually experienced this briefly in the Preferences / Default Apps menu. I toggled Messaging and browser which doesn't have toggles to other things. It did DTMF when i pushed the Center button axis a few times but it was really short.

    Data Access: Ive had a little lagginess initially but I did the *228 option 2 thing only. I never reprovisioned via *228 option 1, I don't totally know what this does or if it will fsck my phone. It seems alright for the moment.

    Holding the Home Button gets you that quicklauncher of the last previously used programs. Pretty nice feature especially if you jump between a few programs.

    BLUETOOTH: Im sure lots of people are curious on this one. Repairing my Jabra JX-10 occurred as normal. When you go into trusted devices you actually see a Bluetooth Icon next to the headset when its connected. When disconnected it shows nothing. Bluetooth synching worked as normal. Now as far as regular bluetooth usage goes. When I turned on my JX-10 it was much speedier connecting to the 700p. Under Preferences Hands-Free I checked the Always route call to Hands-free. I figure good precautionary measure so I wouldn't run into the issue the Sprint-folk was having. Other than that it seems to be much more responsive and stable. But again time will tell.

    Other Misc Stuff: I had one or two instances where the phone magically turned on. But I disabled that timezone update and thats all i can think of.

    Now I dont use SMS messages that much so I couldnt tell you if its better or not but i checked and its still 2.6.2 dated 2006. I dont see that option people were checking about the SMS toggle settings. Maybe someone else can verify this. Also I don't use Versamail that much either (all i use is Gmail for the moment). Still too lazy to set up email for my other pop accts

    Again for the record I did a full restore after i got my phone back and basing my results on this. Maybe I'll be bored enuff to go through the painstaking pleasure of reinstalling things indivudally.

    Only active hack I am using is quicksave, Lightwave 2.3

    Heres a question: Since it now supports up to 4gb SDHC should I remove that SDIO driver we previously used? (SlotDriver-SDIO-sdsd.prc)

    So good luck to the rest of us VZW users.. I plan to post a follow up about 1 week from today. Ive rarely used my phone cuz of all the B$ problems but I'm now ready to use the hell out of it. Its Do or Die time and the following week will prove to me if Palm has done their job or if I might switch to another phone.

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    Quote Originally Posted by vflopez View Post
    Can people who have had positive Verizon MR experiences please share them? I am trying to decide on whether to do it or not. The only problems I have with my 700p are 20 second freeze-ups when going in and out of signal and spotty Bluetooth connectivity while moving outside.
    Overall, my phone operates better than it did before the MR. I would agree with most all of the specific positives listed above. Bluetooth really is the biggy. I didn't realize how screwed up bluetooth was until I had a MRed phone.

    I really can't tell any difference with respect to lag. My preMR phone had some lag, but not as bad as some report. After the MR, it seems slightly faster, but nothing worth getting excited about.

    One thing interesting that I've not see reported is that all buttons are basically disabled when the phone is searching for a network signal (i.e., when you first turn it on). My guess is that Palm discovered that some of the crashing was the result of buttons being pushed when the phone was searching for the network. Until you realize what's going on, it is slightly annoying.

    I sync my addressbook to Plaxo via Palmsync and Thunderbird. After the MR, I couldn't sync my treo to Plaxo any longer. I just today requested a beta copy of the newest palmsync, which I understand is being used by 755p users. I'm hoping this beta lets me sync with Plaxo again as I've not found another way to sync to plaxo other than dropping a CVS file out of Plaxo.

    Another thing that is annoying is that the email indicator is gone. I run Chatter, which gives me push email. I really liked the email indicator in the phone app. My understanding is that Palm screwed up by not including it in the MR.

    I'm a fairly heavy user and I travel quite abit, in and out of many networks. I've not had ANY network connectivity issues. Maybe I'm just lucky, but I believe that at least some of the issues being reported are due to people restoring preMR RAM data on a postMR phone.

    I would recommend the MR to the typical user. However, if you do update, be sure you reinstall everything from scrath again as if you'd just bought a new phone. Don't try to just restore from a backup. Chances are, you are going to have issues.

    My two cents.

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    So far so good here. Restored with Resco after MR. No issues at all.
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    Positive experience with the MR. BT is working as expected, SMS lag is gone, etc. Simply said my 700P is working just the way I expect it to and I've had no problems since I did the MR update almost 6 days ago. I'm very glad I did the update.
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    I did not have to do the update to my 700p. I went to the local Verizon store and told them the problems I was having and they replaced my old phone with an updated phone.

    After several days use my experience has been good - Verizon store and phone usage.

    The only thing I've noticed is that I've dropped several calls in the last few days? Has anyone else had this problem since updating?
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    The official v1.10 was JUST posted to Palm's website minutes ago: Get it here:

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