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    I am trying to get a treo 650 to sync with Outlook 07. The treo works fine when syncing the calendar and contacts with the palm desktop. But when I change it to use Outlook, the conduits for the calendar and contacts don't show up in the hotsync manager(only the memos show up). So how do I get the Outlook conduits to show up?

    I don't think that it matters but our Outlook 07 is on an exchange server. I don't want to connect to exchange though, just sync with outlook.

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    Did you try the Outlook 2007 updater available on Palm's web site?

    Without it, Outlook 2007 is incompatible with Palm hotsync software
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    Yeah, I tried that but still it does not show up in the hotsync manager. When i right click the icon and select "custom" there are is no calendar or contacts.
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    When I sync my 600 the outlook conduits are handled in Chapura PocketMirror settings. I sync to Outlook 2007. Is Pocket Mirror installed on your PC/Laptop?

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