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    been thinking of checking it out on my 755.. any adverse reactions?
    I don't have any fancy configurations.. just 2 pop accounts. I mainly want to have a better display layout, better, sharper fonts than versamail.
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    I like snappermial. Works great for me. You can always download the trial.

    Give it a go.
    Good Luck
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    Always preferred Snappermail over Versamail for Pop accounts.

    Very nice product - as previous poster said check out the trial.
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    It is the best email program out there. It is a bit pricey.......
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    Another for Snapper. It never resetted my phone, never had any problems whatsoever. If anything, it is stable as heck!
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    Snapper hotsynched fine from Treo 600 to 755p. Works great for me.

    A problem with the 755p is that when toggling Snapper the device gives error messages requiring repeat toggles and it finally loads fine.

    Other threads have addressed this. One poster has suggested I remove the battery for 10 seconds or more and try again.

    Tried that and it appears to have corrected the problem. Great!

    By the way, the 755p does not have "755p" anywhere on the exterior of the device. When I removed the battery, I saw that "755p" and other data is on a label inside the battery compartment.

    Robert, Austin, Texas
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    Does anyone have a way to download the "enterprise" trial, via ota?

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