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    Scroll down to second to last paragraph if you dont want to read my sob story.

    So I, like yourselves, have been calling everyone and going to service centers trying to get my 700p exchanged for a 755p. Everyone- managers, supervisors, techs, all saying they are on direct orders not to do that or that it cannot be done.

    Last week I finally did the MR. Guess what? Screen became blurry and internet became unusable. Took it to the sprint repair place and waited almost 2 hours while they did the update again. They handed it back to me and I looked at it and told them nothing had changed. Then they authorized the exchange for another 700p. After this I went to 1 corp store and then talked on the phone to the manager of another and neither of them said they could or would do it.

    Later that day I hear about sprint canning their customers. Me being on SERO and having called quite a few times in the last month became worried. I researched the 755p and mogul for a few hours before ordering a 755p burgundy (great so far btw). I was eligible for the 150 off starting July 1 since the first 700p was a replacement for my 650. My logic was that if sprint were to can me, they would clear my bill and I wouldnt have to pay the 150 ETF therefore I would have made a nice profit. Especially since I was getting a new 700p which would go for more on ebay than my used one. So because of Sero and my upgrade eligibility I had no problem re-upping for 2 years.

    I go to the repair place to check on the order of my 700p even though my 755 came last night. The guy was confused as all hell since it showed a 755 on my account already. Turns out that the moron who was supposed to place my order didnt. So this guy has to esn swap my 700p back onto the account and then went to go place the order. We had been talking for the 30 minutes he was doing all this and were being pretty friendly. Next thing he does is tell me I should have waited instead of buying the 755p. He turns his monitor and shows me that the 755p (only saw blue not burgundy) is available to order as a replacement for the 700p. And there you have it. I didnt really care cuz ill about break even selling my 700p (any takers?) and am less worried about sprint canning me.

    Funny addition: They have a TV in the store with the news on, suddenly the anchor starts talking about how sprint terminated customers who had been calling to much and everyone in the store starting talking about it. The repair guy was being pretty awkward at this time, only saying: "And they did it, too" or something like that.
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    I'm looking for a 700P. PM me your asking price. May also want to post in Marketplace if you're selling.

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