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    Are the Verizon 700p units (either new or refurb) that ship pre-loaded with 1.10 coming with VersaMail in ROM? If it's in ROM is it the newest 3.5.4 version?

    Or do you still need to install VM 3.5.1 off of the Palm software CD?

    So, in theory, Verizon 700p owners who are also VersaMail users should reclaim a meg or so of RAM after running the update since it'll move VM from RAM to ROM, right?

    Please post your experiences with this so far. I am waiting on my FRU 700p that (supposedly) contains 1.10 to arrive later in the week.
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    I got the 1.10 VZW update today and I just checked my VM version and it says v3.5.1 - although I did a complete restore using BackupBuddy so I don't know if that overwrote the newer copy or not <----Can anyone answer that?

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