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    Hi. I have a problem with my Treo 700p. It currently uses a 1 gig SanDisk Ultra II 1gb card. It works perfectly.

    A few months ago I purchased a 2 gig Kingston SD 2gb card. I put it in the treo and 90% of the time it will show as read-only in Card Info. I looked for info on Treocentral and on the net but found nothing. In the end I resolved to use it with my camera.

    Now I have a new job that requires a long bus ride. I want to watch media while on the bus - so I bought Core Player (which works great) and a new 4 gb Kingston SDHC card. Now that I think about it I probably should not have bought the same brand. Anyway I ended up having to install a SlotDriver -SDIO - sdsd.prc file onto my treo to get it to work and then the Treo noticed the card - but again, as read only!

    The 1gb works great and the 2 gb and 4 gb card are read-only.

    I have access to a Treo 650. The 2gb card works GREAT in the 650 and on my computer's card reader. I can write to it without any problem. The 4 gb doesn't but again, I think that's cause it's SDHC.

    My computer doesn't know how to read the 4gb card but I've read that's because my card reader can't talk with a SDHC card.

    Also I am positive the little lock mechanism is in it's proper place.

    So any suggestions?
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    FYI: I just performed a hard-reset and I have the same issue with the 2 gig card (and 4 gig card after installing update)

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