Seriously. I couldn't make it thru the day without it..... it recently won't stay connected to the sync cable and i've dropped 3 calls in the last week (seriously the only 3 EVER that i have had say "dropped"!). But it doesn't matter - i love it, it does what i need, is easy to use and might be "old" but is still cool

I was at the Apple Store for 2.5 hours this morning (for Apple Camp for the kids). Played for a few, reaffirmed that I love my phone, it is perfect for my needs.....

Like I told my Dad - i had no feeling of regret when i left the store that i couldn't get one (carrier and cost). I made the right choice when i got the 650, and still feel that way a little over a year later.

Now, I still lust for that 30" display