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    I just got a 755p. Have had Palms and Nextel for MANY years.

    I am not noticing when I get a new voice mail when the screen is off.

    When the ringer switch is off, is there anyway to have the phone vibrate UNTIL you dismiss the voice mail alert?

    Also, if I am charging the 755p, the LED stays orange until it's charged, regardless of whether or not you have a new Voice Mail or email. Is there a utility that let's you know BOTH the charging status and message status at the same time?

    When the ringer is ON, I don't notice the voice mail alert either. If, say, I was in another room when a message was left. Can it audibly notify you for sometime (i.e. 5, 10 , 15, 30 minutes) until you dismiss the alert or check your voice mail?

    Funny thing, I need to know when someone leaves me a voice mail.

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    Have you looked at Butler? Ben

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