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    I just got a 680... upgrading from a 650.

    I installed the new desktop software and then sync'd the basics.

    All seemed fine and then I proceeded to try and install agendus and splashid.

    The syncs seemed fine but neither program shows up on my treo.

    I'm completely confused. Any ideas/advice?
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    are you sure that your looking at "all" the applications on your applications page and not something else like "main"?
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    Well... I had some old versions of the apps I mentioned. I downloaded new trial versions and they seem to install/work fine. Luckily I like the updated versions much better so I suppose it works out this way.

    And yeah, that's the first thing I checked when looking for the installed apps... making sure I was looking at all.
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    Yes, make sure all of your apps are at their latest version before you attempt something like this..

    That's what I did going from 650 to 680 and I had no trouble.

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