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    Certain applications like Versamail, Worldmate and Time Sync do not automatically close the GPRS / Edge connection when they're done. I have to go in and manually disconnect.

    I can see the green 2-way connection symbol telling me I'm still connected. Does this increase the power usage of the phone and/or data usage - and if so by how much ?

    I travel quite extensively and try to keep power usage and data usage to a minimum but I don't know if I'm really saving much by these manual disconnects.
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    NetworkDown available from here.

    Kills ur data connection, have mine allocated to a long press of N using Butler.

    Works well.
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    Good advice but hasn't answered the question - does keeping the GPS connection alive use significant power or data?
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    Unless data is moving actively such as checking email it makes NO impact on your battery life.

    Not sure to believe me..... leave it on for a day and see your remaining power, then use network down for a day and you'll have empirical evidence for yourself.
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    How did you assign the N button to NetworkDown with Butler ?
    I can't find it.
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    You need to enable Keylauncher which is under the Navigation options.

    Sorry you also need to assign NetworkDown as a favourite/speeddial in the phone application with the long key press of your choice. Butler just enables that's long key press to work from most screens not just Phone app.
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    I get the picture ;-)
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    Also check out the Beta of Phone Hero from

    Allows you to set auto disconnect times for IR, BT & Network after you power off your Treo.

    Looks promising.
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    I called Cingular yesterday (I have a Treo 680 w/ them).

    They confirmed what I believed: That unless you're actively uploading or downloading data, you aren't being charged for having the "green arrows" (i.e. EDGE service) on.

    Go to Palm's website, support section, and search the knowledgebase for support article #33088. ( It's a guide to the icons at the top of the screen (in this case, the Treo 680).

    From Palm's webpage:
    Because GPRS uses packet switching, and is not dependent upon the time spent on a connection, GPRS data plans are billed according to the amount of data sent or received. You can spend as long as you like viewing a web page, for example, and you're only charged for the size of the web page when it's sent to you.

    Hope this helps.
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    That's correct concerning the costs of gprs.
    But how does it affect your battery life ?
    What if you're connected with GPRS all day long without receiving or sending data (no costs).
    Does this drain your battery faster ?
    I don't know.
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    If I have my phone next to the computer/speakers with gprs engaged, I can periodically hear the "Ta Da Da, Ta Da Da, Ta,ta,ta,dada,ta ta ta"
    (you know the modem sound). If it is off I don't hear it.

    I think it is using some battery, maybe just to check connection or keep connection open ? I agree there is no cost (other than battery)

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    You can also hear that near any radio or car stereo, I will hear that over my truck speakers 3sec before the phone stops ringing, there have been lots of threads discussing this.

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