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    I started having a problem yesterday where in the middle of a conversation I can hear myself talking in the speaker and cannot hear the other party. Sometimes it stops after a few seconds and I can then hear the other party but mostly it does not revert and I have to end the call.

    It is not that I can hear myself because I am talking, rather my voice is going in and coming back out the speaker on the phone.

    I have not downloaded anything lately.


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    Have you used the headphone jack recently. Perhaps the connector is on the verge of being stuck and moving between speakerphone and regular phone. If yes, try reinserting and removing something into the jack.
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    I dont use headphones at all. I took it in o the Cingular store yesterday. They gave me a customer service number and after talking to them I was sent a new phone which was received today.

    The new phone is doing the same thing! So this is either a very highly improbable situation where two phones have the exact same problem or else it is something else. Maybe the network? But I seem to be the only one having this problem. The sim card? The battery?

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    I think this should be Cingular/ATT problem and not the Treo. I had a 650, and if I was on Cingular network, it will almost always cut in and out if the reception is 1 bar. This doesn't happen AT ALL when I am on T-Mobile network with the same phone.

    Now I have a 680, and it seems to be better at not breaking up with bad reception.

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