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    traveling in cambodia. have two issues...

    1) is it possible to drag/drop programs onto SD card and have them be used/recognized by tre 650? or is formatting not compatible? possible to do this without sync cable/software?

    2) trying to do above and use my think bluetooth keyboard. which was having no luck connecting before crashing EVERYTHING. now, would like to be able to use it, but can't get the softwareinto the treo without cable?

    any help is apreciated.

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    some .prc files need to be installed via hotsync. Most however can be copied to ram via the SD. you need a file browser (i use FileZ) to copy the file to ram from your SD card.
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    I'm trying to do this, but the treoa asks to re-format the card when i puit it back in the treo...wierd, right?

    I just wanna use the new keyboard on the road. but it's confusing why the treo asks to reformat the card everytime. hmmm...

    I unhderstand the .prc files, but the file z i have does not recognize the card. it was working fine, till i put the think outside software on the thing, then it kept looping and resets were necessary...weird. lots of work lost too. pppppppplus, the thing erased the whole SD card on a back up with NV, i'm left with a blank SD card that keeps asking to be reformmated. any adivce? you seem to be a guru on this....Dave

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    Have you let it reformat the card?
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    yeah, i gewt asked to reformat on the computer. do that. then it asks to reformat on the treo. I say NO, but then no files on the SD card are seen...

    Am I doing something wrong? is this normal? it SHOULD see the data, right?

    out of cambodia now...
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    I meant have you let the Treo reformat it. I would try that.

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