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    The Hard Reset worked finally but my problem still exist.
    I can't hotsync. The connection can not be established.
    Just got a USB device not recognized by windows. I keep hearing the windows connect/disconnect sound.
    Could this device be dead?
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    There are lots of threads that discuss this hotsync issue with a pretty long list of solutions. Some solution or the other worked for everybody. Just google for treo hotsync problem and you should find a link to one of these threads. Personally, the solution that worked for me was, when I selected the Palm Handheld device in Device Manager and said "Update Driver..". I just had to let Windows recopy the same drivers and Hotsync started working again. Good Luck.
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    this maybe too simple for your situation, but it happened to me the other day -- double check that local usb is checked on the list of hotsync connections when you right click on the hotsync icon in the system tray. took me a day to find the problem
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    Uninstalling the driver worked.
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    I just experienced this as well. Im on a Mac - i opened my HotSync manager and out of nowhere - the "disabled" button was pressed

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