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    just picked up a refurbished 680 on AT&T's premier website. looking forward to it. I'm pretty new to Treo/Palm OS and I got it primarily for business (medical school programs). What I need to do to make it the best it can be, I don't know and need everyone's help.

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    Well, here's my initial list ...

    SD memory card: 8GB class 6 is $70 at Others less.

    Screen protector: In time it will get scratched otherwise.

    Belt case: Need it with you always.

    SDHC card reader for desktops USB

    Free software musts:
    Diddlebug: Fast scribble notes
    Google maps: Direx / maps
    FileZ: File manager
    FieldPlus: Allows keyboard based cutting/pasting
    Shortcut5: Allows shortcuts eliminated on the Treo
    MiniTones: Create free MP3 ringtones from your audio files
    Key Gaurd Time: Pop up time / date, memory status etc in any prog with one key.
    Olive Tree Bible Reader: Tons of free and powerful resources
    NV Backup: Auto user set backup / recovery using SD or SDHC card.
    Dir assist: Quick web based phone book without web browser
    TCPMP: Super, stable and free video player
    Keyring: Encrypt private data like credit cards & passwords
    Patrick Horne
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    great list. thanks!

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