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    Can you "lock" (as in require a password to unlock) a treo, but without powering off the phone? I want to hit a button and lock my phone, but not shut it off.

    I don't want the auto-lock function since I don't always want my phone to lock, just when I want it to.

    Any applications that can do this for a Treo 700p?

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    Look in the phone app, there is an sub menu in the menu that can "lock now"
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    Okay, that's true...

    But, how do I lock my phone without having to enter my password. What I want to do is...

    When I have to, just press a shortcut or run an application, that will just "lock" the phone, like WINDOWS-L does in XP. No entering passwords to lock it, nor waiting for a timeout, just lock now, no questions asked.

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    Yes, this would be a very handy function. Especially if it were a small application that could be assigned to a Phone Favorite with a Quick Key. They I could use Butler's Keylauncher functionality to (with a single long keypress of desired key) lock it instantly.
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    It's already built in. Press the option key and the power button.

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    Quote Originally Posted by beavis10 View Post
    It's already built in. Press the option key and the power button.

    That's just the keyguard, right? I think he want to lock the unit where it needs a password.
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    That is correct.

    I don't just want to enable the keyguard. I want to be able to "lock" the phone without powering off.

    So, if you had a password set for your Treo, and went to the "Security" application and clicked "Off & Lock" it would turn off the phone side and then lock the phone requiring a password to unlock it.

    What I want to do is leave the phone "on" but still lock the device, thus requiring a password to unlock. I don't want to use "auto-lock" since 99% of the time I don't want to lock the phone, but when I HAVE to leave my phone (like entering a restricted area) I want to lock it quickly but still have the phone on to receive calls if I have to be reached.


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