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    I have a skin on mine - i don't like it neked.... More "kid proof" that way too!
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    Half the time I keep it without a case in my front pocket. I all ready had my two kids so I am not worrying too much about the radiation, but I told my older son I do want grand kids with just two eyes and two arms and so I ask him not to keep his treo or any cell phone in his pocket...

    The rest of the time I keep in in a leather slipcase, also in my pocket.
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    This is my 7th palm (first Treo) and I was religious about using a case. The my absolute favorite cases were the two I purchased from Sena for my T|T and T|3 respectively.

    With my T|X I used a case for the first 16 months or so. Then I realized I loved the form factor and just went naked for about four months. There was not a scratch on it (always alone in a pocket with a Boxwave screen protector on) and I plan on doing the same with the 755. I figure if a mark ever shows up on the case then I will put a third party one on
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    My Treo is caseless. I used a case w/my Treo 300 & 600. But this Treo 700p of mine travels in my pants pocket or inside coat pocket. After one year no scratches so far. Keygaurd always on.
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    I have owned 4 cases over the past 5 or so years..and never used any of them. I just keep my treo in my left pant pocket by itself.
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    Mine is also naked. I don't like cases on any phones, and I guess I could keep it on my belt, but I don't really like that either. I just keep it in my pocket, with nothing else in there, other than maybe a small sheet of paper or a business card or something on occasion. It's got a few dings from when I've dropped it, but nothing from keeping it in my pocket. I'm thinking about buying a second housing for it, and painting the original one black whenever I take it off, just to see how it looks.
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    Caseless with my 755p Burgundy. I used the bestskinsever on the 700p, but not with this because I like the rubberized finish way too much. I use the Palm Screen Protector and keep the screen facing my leg. Still in perfect condition...I just make sure as well that I don't put anything else in that pocket along with it.

    I've got the Sprint Insurance as well if something were to happen to it from dropping or whatever. Some people don't think it's worth spending the money on that, but I figure I've probably spent less on that then people spend on multiple cases that they end up not using anyway.
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    Had many a treo an many a case. I am currently going naked as my treo is almost 3 years old and pretty beat up. I rarely miss a vibration this way. I just ordered a 755p and I probably will order a case but have not idea which one. Of my favorite in the past, Vaja. But the case-mate combo is looking good.

    My only warning about caseless is that on my 650 the dirt/lint builds under the case frame and my touchscreen has gone out, I took it apart and cleaned it and back to normal.
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    I use bodyguardz and i recently bought a Palm Hard Case, which might I say came with a different type of belt clip then the one shown on this site.
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    Quote Originally Posted by meyerweb View Post
    I've never used a case. I keep a boxwave screen protector on my Treo, and the treo in my pants pocket (with nothing else in that pocket).
    Same in my case. Except I have a screen protector of another brand. So far (2 months) no issues.
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    Meh, I've never used a device case, be it for a phone or iPod or whatever. I try to view these things as tools, and tools are made to be used and therefore will eventually get some wear and tear.

    I just can't see adding any extra bulk to a device that's already fairly thick (I use a 755p). I just jam it in my pocket. The only problem I have is the occasional dust at the edges of the screen... who cares.
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    Had my 700w since it came out almost 2 years ago. Got a condom case a month after I got the phone after I dropped it on the pavement while I was really, really drunk. The case started falling apart on me a couple months ago, so its been naked since. Easier to slip out of my pocket quickly, I always keep it in the same pocket as my keys, never scratched or anything, I always have a screen protector.

    I have considered getting another soon though if I do get a new wifi sd card since the old one I used to keep the card in between the back of the phone and the inside of the case, never lost it, but it did crack my old Palm wifi sd card on the edge so it won't stay 'clicked' in the sd slot.
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    When I'm wearing a suit it's naked in my breast pocket. If no suit, I used to keep it in a Nutshell. Latley, though, more and more I've just been pocketing it in my pants (especially those cargo pockets).
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