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    I have a new Palm 700P that I am trying to hotsync to a Dell laptop via bluetooth. On my second Bluetooth (on laptop) but no joy on this one. Bell and Palm won't help (Bell - not my problem man - Palm - give us $35 and we'll see what we can do) Both bluetooths recognized my palm but when it comes to hotsyncing, the first one was intermittent and the second one - states my device does not recognize PIM synchronization. On the second one, it starts the process of looking and then my Treo shuts down. ON the first one, if it did sync, it also shut down at the end. Tried for help at the Future shop and the guy showed me how easy his blackberry worked - nothing like hitting a palm guy below the belt.

    Any thoughts would be gratefully received and tried...
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    Have you looked at the hot sync log for a list of errors? I sync exclusively using Bluetooth...

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    My last log was yesterday on the first bluetooth, that comes and goes when it comes to syncing. The second one hasn't done a sync yet. It recognizes that the laptop and phone exist but when I try to sync, the phone shuts down. I opened the log and it only shows the last sync yesterday and no subsequent trys on the first bluetooth and second. Followed the info given on both regarding setting up a virtual serial port and the com ports are the same. I open my locked Desktop so that there is no hinderance there and the passwords are the same as well..

    I appreciate your thoughts on the matter though..

    P.S. When I hit the sync, the laptop states that it is linked via Com Port 15 (hotsync and bluetooth are both set to this. It sits there for awhile and then the phone reboots..
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    I went to the following link and got this info. I followed this and disregarded Palm which told me to put it on the usb local and just clicked local serial. Seems that the Palm community and not Palm helped out here. Glad we have places to go and get help. Picked up a few good pointers here as well...
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