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    I upgraded from my beloved Samsung i500 to the new treo 755 because the screen broke... i love the 755 its awesome.. Couple things not so good but eh what can ya do.. Anyway. When i log onto verichat on it as soon as my screen auto shut off comes on or i lock the keys whatever it kicks me off of verichat server and my im sessions are signed out.. on the i500 i was loged on all the time.. i try to put the always on setting on and it wont let me uncheck the sms box because i want to be always on through data not sms.. but besides that with sms checked it doesn’t work since verichat stopped support to their servers so ahh no matter what i cant be always logged on.. Has anyone else had a similar issue and is there a solution? And is this only a treo 755 thing or do all the older treos have same issue with verichat
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    use the version posted in this thread
    HTC Touch Pro

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