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    Looking for an app for my 700p that will periodically give a notification (small chirp, flash display, something) when I've missed a call or have a voicemail. Any recommendations?
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    Butler will do that for you.
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    "phonedisconnect" does that as well. LED reminder, then vibrate or sound reminder.
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    The link for PhoneDisconnect is

    When I played with it there was no nagging ability that Butler is so well known for.

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    Another vote for Butler!
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    Highly recommend Butler as well. It gives you lots of control over how you want to be notified, and for how long. It also does approximately 23,486,372 other things for your Treo, but for me the notification options are probably the most essential. I have mine set to bug me more or less forever until I acknowledge it.
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    Late, but a vote for phonedisconnect.

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