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    (moderator - please sticky this, as TONS of ppl have had these issues)

    Hey! I've been perusing this forum for MONTHS unsuccessfully trying to solve a number of issues I've run into on my Treo650 related to contacts. These issues included:

    1) Some contacts can't be edited (changes don't save) and trying to duplicate them by Record -> Dup. Contact will crash/reset my treo.

    2) Slow scrolling past/opening/saving contacts

    3) Hotsync to Outlook errors (only started when I switched to PocketMirror Pro, which I expected given the problems I've been seeing) including
    OLERR:02-0016, OLERR:02-000D, OLERR:0D-000C, OLERR:02-0018
    OLERR:0D-0004, OLERR:0D-0001 Outlook Contacts synchronization failed

    The above not fixing by "desktop overwrites handheld" setting, unless I delete and recreate the afflicted contacts.

    5) My contacts DB file being 2MB or larger despite only 1000 contacts, and maybe 25% with notes.

    The Solution

    The theory is this: Export them to a program that can maintain all info without losing anything significant that's special to palm, they'll be "created" cleanly in that program, delete what's on the palm, and then export or sync back the cleaned up version from that program to the palm. (Honestly, I needed to switch to Outlook permanently so the latter steps about going back to palm desktop after are assumptions so, like all of the below, try at your own risk)

    I accomplished this by doing the following (assuming you sync to Palm Desktop and which to continue doing so):

    1) I purchased two programs: PocketMirror Pro (stnd might work too) and PocketCopy from They will prob. refund me on PocketCopy b/c I had to use it to get contacts info from Palm Desktop into Outlook since it wouldn't Outlook sync to my Treo due to the contacts corruption.

    2) Synch your Treo to your PC, then close palm desktop & hotsync and ZIP UP as a backup your "C:\Program Files\Palm (or palmOne)\<username>" folder so you have a BACKUP in case ANYTHING goes wrong. You can also you a 3rd-party backup tool on the treo to get everything incl. what hotsync misses, like reg codes, etc. of other apps.

    3) Repair your desktop: Click Tools -> Options -> Tools -> Check Now (then close/reopen)

    4) Set up Outlook, new profile, nice and empty (I'm using Outlook 2003)

    5) Delete entirely your contacts on your treo: Home -> Delete (phone) -> ContactsDB. Use FileZ to delete ContactsDB and other files (search the forums here for the others, I don't have a list).

    6) Run your original Palm CD to change your Conduit from Palm Desktop to Outlook. Reboot if necessary.

    Hotsync to Outlook! It should run fine, and Outlook & Treo should have NO contacts. They are still safe in your Palm Desktop though (and your ZIP BACKUP!)

    8) Run PocketCopy per their instructs (in PalmDesktop, click tools -> add-ins -> PocketCopy). Do this only ONCE or it will duplicate contacts in Outlook each time!!!
    You should now have ALL your contacts pristinely happy in Outlook, but no contact photos. Those can be exported manually one by one from the Palm Desktop.

    9) Edit the Hotsync settings (rt-click hotsync icon in system tray and click Custom). Change Outlook Contacts to Desktop overwrites handheld. ***Edit the calendar, notes, tasks to Do Nothing, since we're not fixing them for now.

    If you're using PocketMirror like me, go to Start -> Programs -> PocketMirror -> Chapura Settings -> highlight main user then click Settings -> Outlook Contacts or XT (my 650 in outlook uses XT) -> Change -> Hotsync Action. Perm is synchronize, and one-time is Outlook overwrites Handheld. ***Edit the calendar, notes, tasks to Do Nothing, since we're not fixing them for now.

    10) Synchronize!! Your contacts will be CLEANLY recreated on the treo. VERIFY that they aren't scrolling slowly, can't edit, slow to open etc. You should know a few that have always had these problems by now so test them.

    11) You can now re-run the Palm CD to switch the conduit back to Palm Desktop. Refer to PocketMirror help for how to do this for their program.

    12) At this point, in Palm Desktop I would probably rename your existing user, make a new one with the original name and delete the old one. Then Sync.

    If you don't want to, I would then follow 9 above to change hotsync settings for contacts alone to Handheld Overwrites Desktop and then sync. Didn't try it, so not sure if it works. Make sure to put it back to SYNCHRONIZE after you sync though!

    As of now, ALL of the above problems are gone. I had tried ALL solutions I could find, including dbScan, hotsync settings, Palm Desktop corrupt check, ABA export/import, cut/paste, etc. to no avail, but this did it.

    I do want to point out that, as mentioned in other posts, earlier versions of Dir Assist would create semi-corrupted (oversized) "slow" entries when using the Create new AddrBk entry and I did verify this with some of my own entries. Make sure to upgrade that version, or just use Google Maps instead.

    btw, if this solves your problem, feel free to drop me a little note. Maybe someone really thrilled and relieved will buy me a 755p

    GOOD LUCK!!!
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    I had this same problem, HotSync errors synching contacts between Outlook and my Treo 755p (Verizon). I wasn't using Pocketmirror; it happened right out of the box (and the problem reappears if I do a hard reset.)

    Your approach worked for me. I modified it slightly, to avoid the use of third party software (no offense to Chapura's great products). Seemed to work fine.

    Modified step 8: Exit Outlook. Change the HotSync conduit from Outlook back to Palm Desktop.

    New Step 8.b. Edit the Hotsync settings. Change Outlook Contacts to Handheld overwrites Desktop. Hotsync. Your contacts are back on your handheld.

    New Step 8.c. Exit Palm Desktop. Change the HotSync conduit from Palm Desktop back to Outlook.

    Modified step 9: Edit the Hotsync settings (rt-click hotsync icon in system tray and click Custom). Change Outlook Contacts to Handheld overwrites Desktop.

    Since I use Outlook exclusively, I didn't need to do steps 11 or 12.
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    for step 4 how do you "set up outlook, new profile, nice and empty"? What do you do with the existing outlook profile? Does it make a difference what you call this new profile?

    for Step 5 What are the "other files" that need deleting?

    I'm confused with your steps 8, 8b, and 8c, if after step 7 all the contacts are only in your palm desktop, how did you get them back into your handheld as in step 8 you change back to the palm conduit, but in 8b you say change OUTLOOK contacts to handheld overwrites desktop? If you have the palm conduit selected, how do you change the OUTLOOK contacts settings in the hotsync manager? and when did you get the contacts back from your palm desktop back onto your handheld?

    Thanks in advance for any help here.

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