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    I'm deciding between the Treo 680 and the Blackberry Pearl. I'm leaning towards the Treo because it seems to offer more of what I'm looking for.

    However, I was wondering what all I can use on the phone without paying ATT more money. Can I transfer MP3s without having to pay for the data transfer? I have a 2 GB SD card that I'll be using in the Treo, so I should just be able to put the data on the card from my computer and then insert it into the phone, right?
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    pearl sux. got rid of it after 2 weeks, was fustrated withthe kbd and the phone itself is too small. had the 650 since it came out and now i got a 680, couldnt be happier you can gat any app for a treo by searching theres tons of usefull apps for treos and hardly any for bbs

    yes you can put music from your computer on the card and play it on the treo... 2 gigs should be fine, i got my music and tomtom with usa and canada maps on a 2 gig
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    Palms still rock. you can pretty much do anything with them, from playing music and movies to accessing servers over vpn with ssh, remote desktop or vnc. My 680 syncs wirelessly with ms exchange as well. And Palm still has the largest source of, shall we say, dubiously acquired software on the planet... heh, heh, heh.
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