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    Anyone know how to decifer reset error messages. I am getting the following

    A reset was cause on
    7/8/07 at 12:15pm
    while running "phone":

    BGNet TaskImpl.c,
    Line:527, BGTask q is full

    It keeps happening at various points in the day, always at 15 minutes after the hour. I have nothing scheduled for those times that I know of. Only auto sync is OnDemand at 5:40 am. My Gmail account looks hourly at 5 minutes after the hour using versamail but that was untouched and working fine over a year. Can't find anything using Filez that mentions BG anything.
    Its starting to **** me off. I restored from backup after a hard reset and I still have the problem.
    Can't think of any new applications added either.
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    I have the same thing happening on my 755p.
    I have notices if it happens 15 minutes after the hour but I will pay attention to that today.
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    Just and fyi my 3rd party apps are
    1. kb lights
    2. kinoma
    3. usb modem
    4. mother
    5 audio gateway(latest version)
    6 bdicty
    7.key caps
    8 epocrates
    9. missing sync(use a mac)
    10. mreset
    11. and autosync versamail every hour
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    Of the above I have the latest kinoma but its been on my system for months before this started happening. I also have the everyhour versamail but its not at 15 after the hour and has worked for over a year. Main suspect is audio gateway version 1.12.1130. That is probably my newest application and the only other one we have in common. I am on a Sprint 700p which is basically the same as a 755p.
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    Have been having lots of resets lately. Read this thread and checked the time of last reset. It read 4:15. Does anyone have a clue why this would be happening? I have a680.
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    You getting the same mssage as me in post #1? I took Audio Gateway off my TREO 700p yesterday and haven't had a reset since. I don't want to blame that software specifically but Audio Gateway and some other combination of applications I have obviously do not get along. I'm guessing that Audio Gateway is bringing out some problem in bluetooth. I have never used bluetooth prior to Audio Gateway. After one more full day of no resets, I am going to reinstall Audio Gateway and see if my problem comes back and report back.

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