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    My favorite screen protector is the one from Shield Zone . They have one for $11.95 with free shipping and they are guaranteed for life. I've had one on my Treo 650 for two years and it only shows a few very minor scratches
    The only one that works and you don't have to keep replacing.
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    I wanted to comment as I have some experience here, too...

    Fellowes (sp??) - I bought these and was really pleased at how many came in the pack and thought the lined "graphs" for cutting were wonderful. I was able to cut to fit with no issues and install wasn't too bad. HOWEVER...these things do NOT last. They get scratched up in no time if you use a stylus at all. Or even if you don't. The point is, they don't hold up.

    ShieldZone - I put one of these on my palm TX and there are a couple of very important things to note. 1) If you use graffiti these are not a good idea...they are thick and the screen has a very hard time recognizing the stylus movements. I had a heckuva time trying to use my TX graffiti after installing the ShieldZone. 2) If you ever have to take the ShieldZone off, you will be sweating it...they stick and they stick HARD. I was really concerned about messing up my screen when taking it off.

    Having said that...with the Treo I'm not using graffiti at all...I would actually consider putting a ShieldZone on the Treo because I think it really is one of the best protectors out there. I was able to tap buttons and what not after installing it on the was the intricate movements of the stylus when writing letters that were an issue. I had to push very hard on the screen and sometimes it would just "miss" pieces of the letter, therefore I would have to start over again. But on the Treo, not using graffiti and just doing screen taps, I think the ShieldZone could actually be ideal. It's thick enough to really protect from that finger nail, and it's durable.

    I've also used Clariview...these are not in the same league as ShieldZone but I liked them because they aren't sticky at all and seem pretty durable.

    Hope this helps.
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    I bought a pack of the fellowes protectors awhile back. I applied it to two different treos but after i did the touch screen wouldnt work anymore. Does anyone else have that problem or am I doing something wrong?
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    Another Boxwave fan here - i have had the Anti-glare one on my 650 for over a year. I screwed it up last night taking it off - just ordered another one for the 700 showing up tomorrow.
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    Does the screen of the Treo have the same width as the LifeDrive? Because for the LD, i was using the Pelican screenprotector for the PSP, just need to cut the length. It works just as well as the best screenprotectors out there.
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    Use the one thats free in the box. When I put it on at first I accidentally smudged the sticky part inside and made a small bubble(not really a bubble but some adhesive that got bound up). Anyways, I went to SoCal after I put it on and over about 4 days it cleared up. Its been crystal clear since.
    Also, no change at all in touchscreen usability.

    Otherwise, Boxwave is king. Got one for my tablet, and got their flexiskin for my treo.
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    I picked these up at my local Best Buy and so far, so good. There a little pricey, and I'm sure that I could have picked them up online cheaper but I didn't want to wait.
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