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    Is the palm software free and you pay for the desktop software? Or is it a fee for both. I had the free version of the handheld portion which was 3.32, but had to do a hard reset today and cannot restore splashid without it saying 30 day trial starts.
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    all of the versions of it were pay (its the same fee no matter whether you use only one of them or multiple).
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    Gotcha....I think the earlier version was free for PDA only...Version 2 I think.
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    Just found this at SphashData on my own and then found it had been posted here. Don't know how I missed it. This is one of the first apps I bought for my first PDA. The updates were worth the $9.95 for me!
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    I use the free version on my Treo. I think it is 3.32. If you need it, send me a pm and I will try to find the installer, or just send the program if that is all you need.
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