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    Can anyone that has the update share the TREO 700p VERIZON 1.10ROM update with those of us that cannot find any stores that have it?
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    I second that motion!!!
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    I concur, please!
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    I think Verizon doesn't want people to update the phones themselves. (Hence all the Sprint 700p users got a free 755p). Sprint already lost money for the 755 and shipping the replacements.
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    I like the idea of taking my phone in to the store to have it updated. That way if they brick it, they just replace it. There is no question as to who mucked it up. I would be very wary of loading some updated ROM that we are not supposed to have because if the phone bricks, then what? You have to go in to the store and either lie, or explain what you did and hope they replace it anyway.

    I am in the Phoenix area, and it does not appear the MR has made its way here, yet, but I am going to happily take my phone into a store and let them run the update after I backup to my SD card and do a hard reset.

    I have waited this long. What's another week?
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    I like that idea too russelb, however it is a bit of an inconvienence. I just spoke with a Palm rep again and they concurred that you can go into a VZW store to get the update, however, they also stated that it WILL be available for download within a week. I guess we can keep our fingers crossed for this.
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    Have you guys been reading about the problems with the data connection not working over 1X? I'm not sure if everyone has it or just some people, but I have it, and I'm kind of appalled this got through testing. See this thread for details. There is a sort-of-fix that at least so far seems to work for me, to have the phone always connected to the data network when it's on. Anyway, IMHO this update is something you should be happier NOT to have, especially if you live or work in a 1X area, or like where I am now in a borderline area where it changes several times a minute. Of course there will still be people who want it, I just thought I'd offer a word of warning to anyone jumping on the bandwagon.

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