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    For some reason, almost every single one of my contacts got switched to "loud aria" ring and was applied an anniversary date of Nov. 22nd. So if I go to Nov 22nd in my calendar, there is just a long list of names and "unnammed" listed...and as I delete the names, more names are just added to the bottom of the three page list! Is there any type of utility that I can use to clear out all the personalized ring tones and delete the anniversary dates for all these contacts? Any help is much appreciated! Thanks in advance, Colin
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    I'm pretty sure that if you export your contacts from the Palm Desktop to CSV format, those fields aren't retained. So, export 'em, delete 'em, import 'em and Hotsync with the Contacts conduit set as "Desktop overwrites handheld".
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    Good Idea! I'll try that. The only thing is...I think that's how this ended up happening to his contacts. The Palm tech rep tried to fix a problem he was having by getting him to export everything, then set up a new user. But who knows, I'll try it out. Thanks for the suggestion!

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