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    All of a sudden my treo 680 started showing No Service and no Networks available. I have tried a different SIM card in it and its the same. It seems like all the phone capability has just disappeared. Any thoughts ?

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    start with the simple stuff.

    Are you sure the phone radio is on? (hold down red button to switch it on and off).

    Have u installed any new apps recently?
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    Yup done all that - No new apps loaded in the last month.
    Checked with home network O2; nothing wrong with my account

    I forgot two pieces of info: The phone cut off in the middle of the call AND the screen says No Service (NOT No Service SOS calls only)

    Also it won't find ANY other networks when I do a Select network search. I have roamed in Canada and now LA and it still won't get a signal.

    It's as if the treo has completely lost all the phone function

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