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    Hey guys,

    I just got the unlmited texts,pix,vids,and iming plan and i know that programs on regular phones can be used and not charged (Here)
    Free* Sign in
    Sign in to let your friends, family or co-workers know that you are online and ready to chat. When on the go, stay signed in and pay only for the messages you send or receive.

    * There are no charges incurred if you sign into Instant Messaging through the IM or Messaging icons on your wireless phone.
    (for DATA usage). Now I have been looking on the web and through different forums for finding AIM for the Treo 650 and i found a few. I went to use them and they say you need to connect to the internet. my thought is that if it connects to the internet then it will charge you on data usage( ). does anyone konw how this works???

    Basically- do i get charged data usage if i use programs for getting on aim?
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    aminiman, you do get charged for the data transfer every time you access the web, if you don't have a media package. From what you have described, it sounds like you have the unlimited messenges package. So i would recommend getting a data package instead and get unlimited web browsing instead of unlimited messages.
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    thnx for that reply. but it even shows on the website (i linked it up on my first post) that its "free" sign in.

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