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    It looks very much like the MR everyone is talking about caused Sprint users some major headaches. Now there is an MR out for Verizon. Sooo, since all the Sprint folks were kind enough to debug it for us what does it actually DO for us?

    I have three issues with my phone:

    1. Glitchy hotsyncs (often desktop does not get updated correctly).
    2. Strange tones coming from the PDA. No idea why. Just sporadically it will make a noise, with no screen activity, no incoming messages or voice mails, and no active bluetooth devices nearby.
    3. Sporadic resets for no apparent reason. I have seen this problem reported elsewhere on the board.

    Might this MR fix these idiosyncracies?
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    #3 might get fixed by the MR although that issue is not specifically addressed. I found my Sprint 700p to be much more stable post-MR but a lot of people on TC voiced different experiences. It really seems like a YMMV situation but I would do it again if faced with the choice.

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