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    This past Friday, my dog got a hold of my 650. She really did a job on it
    The display, front panel, antenna, keyboard everything except the mother board was history.
    So I took my happy self to Sprint to purchase a new phone.
    The gentlemen explain all the options for buying a new Treo755P and the option to have mine repaired for $55.00. Say WHAT!! Leave your phone with us for an hour and we will repair the phone.

    When I went back in a hour, they handed me my phone back. Although I'm sure some of the parts used were from returned 650's, still beats buying a new phone at this time. Phone works great!

    All in all, I'm very happy with sprint and so is my dog.

    Just thought I would let you know.
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    Seriously?! They've got a guy there that is that talented? Is it ShadowMite working there? How do you know it wasn't a refurb unit they had back there?
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    Well if it was a refurbish unit,someone there swapped the motherboard.
    Everything I had on my original 650 came out on the 650 they gave me.

    Just for the record the service tech was a young lady, who repaired my Treo.

    I have a picture of my two dogs on the home screen, she wanted to know which one of them got my 650.
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    well if it was a refurbish phone, at least it works and dont have to transfer any of the old data.

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