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    I just finished installing a advanced bluetooth Parrot 3400 LS GPS in my wifes 2007 Ford Fusion pairing with her Sprint Treo 700P. I am very happy so far with both the handsfree sound quality and the GPS performance when used with Tom Tom 6. The Parrot units like this and the previous CK-3300 GPS allow the Treo to use both bluetooth GPS and bluetooth handsfree at the same time because it is the same "device".

    The 3400 is an "advanced" bluetooth handsfree system that interfaces with your vehicle audio system and mutes the radio automatically on calls and provides call audio over the vehicle speaker system. It also has a very nice microphone that you can route up and install in a optimum spot for voice clarity. It has its own color LCD display for caller ID/Picture Caller ID is also supported. there are also answer/end call buttons and the ability to transfer your entire phonebook directly to the parrot. It supports voice recognition and dialing from either your phone or it has its own voice dialing built right in that works even if you dont have that feature on your phone. GPS works great with Tom Tom 6 and acquired satellites very quickly.

    To use both handsfree and tom tom 6 at the same time you must restart tom tom during your phone call (incoming or outgoing calls stop tom tom). I have tom tom mapped to the side button key so this is a no brainer. It will actually continue navigation and you continue your handsfree conversation. It really works great! When the call ends, it does not disrupt tom tom.

    I installed this using pro-clip dash mount for the Fusion and also a Pro-Clip device holder for the 700P.

    A important note is that I had to update the software on the parrot (NOT TREO) to get this combination to work. As soon as the parrot was software updated, everything worked like a champ. I did not update the Treo 700P it is still pre-MR. Everything is working great now, so I dont want to take the chance of breaking anything with the Tom Tom/Treo/Parrot interface.

    Here is a link to the parrot page on the 3400:

    Here is a link to the pro-clip website (highly recommended):

    Here is a link to a previous thread of mine where I detail the installation of the previous model (CK-3300 GPS) into my F-150. Still works great with my Treo 650 Sprint:
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