Hello everyone,
I own a Treo 650 and two Motorola Bluetooth earpieces. They are the H700 and the H550. Here's my problem.
1. On my Treo 650, I have the auto-answering function [b]disabled[b]. But for SOME reason. When I have either of my earpieces connected, the phone will answer after the second ring. The Cingular store reps that sold me each of my earpieces said that they don't understand why it does that. I also have a Treo 700wx from Sprint (my work phone). It works fine with either of them. So, it's GOT to be the Treo 650, and the Milk Duds at Cingular won't refund the money for the Bluetooths.
I hope that it's a patch kinda thing that I can download to make it STOP answering the phone!
Can someone help me?
Thanks so much...