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    I am going to call VZN and ask for a replacement with the new MR or a 700wx, as my 700p is just driving me nuts nowadays. I do NV Backup every night. Is there anything (Contacts, Calander, threaded sms, etc.) that is not saved in such a backup? I would like my phone to have 100% of the info it has on it now to transfer to the new phone. Thanks for the help.

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    yes, it does save an image of your entire memory including programs, databases, even preferences of loaded programs.

    If you do a restore on your phone, it will restore it to exactly the same as your old - great piece of freeware!
    Have a great one...Doc D.

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    awesome news. Thanks for the help. I will call VZW and see what they can do to finally correct this.

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    Give it a try. It does capture your data files and JAVA files, but photos in main memory, at one time that was questionable.

    As a note, BackupManager does not restore JAVA related files.


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