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    Well, I received my replacement treo 700p after my other one bricked during the update process. It is loaded with v 1.10. Here's my issue: Verizon is told me that I had to go through my insurance in order to get a replacement, which I did, but I still had to pay the $50 deductable... Does this seem right?
    Verizon's update kills my treo but I have to pay for it?
    The Verizon Update killed my 700P too. I didn't have a chance to post it here, too busy. But I just received my replacement Refurb yesterday. Not happy about having a Refurb, but the agent said there would be a $50 charge but then I would get a $50 credit on my account.
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    Since my replacement refurbished 700p with 1.10 preinstalled arrived on Wednesday, I still get "Error 3000" messages and Network disconnects, albeit at a SLIGHTLY lower rate. In exchange, though, I get a yellowish screen instead of my old crisp white one and a 4-way that doesn't always seem to respond. Nice choice. I may ask for another replacement, but I'm probably going to wait to ask for 755p when they are available.
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    The biggest problem I'm having after the update is a "page can't be displayed error" in Blazer. I get it constantly (and almost never did before). I've done *228 option 1. I've done a soft-reboot. Nothing seems to help.

    Any ideas to fix this would be appreciated.

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    Quote Originally Posted by ScottTreo700p View Post
    The biggest problem I'm having after the update is a "page can't be displayed error" in Blazer. I get it constantly (and almost never did before). I've done *228 option 1. I've done a soft-reboot. Nothing seems to help.

    Any ideas to fix this would be appreciated.

    Take a look at your Phone app when this happens -- are you in a 1X area or EVDO? Apparently the Treo no longer likes to connect to data under 1X, and this sounds like the error message that appears. Somebody suggested turning on the option to always connect to data when the phone is on (it's in the menu of the network prefs settings), and this has worked for me.
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    My previous issues were:
    1. Bluetooth. Not a heavy user but I had frequent latent disconnects from my Scala 700. This is no longer happening other than I have to reconnect when If I remove my Treo from the range of my bluetooth headset without powering down the headset and then re-enter (ie. leaving my car without turning off the headset). When I reenter I have to power on and off the headset but it connects without a problem.
    2. White screen and lags - much less
    3. Blazer and USB Modem - both operating much quicker.
    3. Resets - usually seems to be associated with cache flushes. Much worse.
    I used reset doctor to flush my cache and it was usually able to do this without a reset. It now consistently resets after the flush, so I had to turn this feature off. Many of the random resets I'm getting I suspect are related to low cache memory. Has anybody else experienced this?
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    After several days now with the update installed:

    1. My bluetooth is MUCH worse. My Scala 500 is lost after every call.... grrrrrrrr.

    2. Lag much better, but not totally gone

    3. Resets. About the same so far.
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    Since my downgrade to the MR update, I have experienced the following:

    1. Inability to consistently connect to the internet, even when with EVDO connection. Connection is made about 40-50% of the time on the first try. The two messages I tend to get are the "Error 3000..." message and the "Page cannot be found..." message.

    2. Inability to consistently send or receive email via Versamail. The phone is unable to connect to the server most of the time.

    3. My bluetooth issues have actually worsened. The icon shows the headset is connected, but when I place a call I have to press the button on the headset to transfer the call. It won't transfer automatically anymore.

    4. Lag time is unchanged. It is still slow when switching between applications.

    My method for the upgrade was downloading it to my computer and running it via my USB connection. I just spoke to the Palm tech support who advised me to download to an SD card and run the update through it. We'll see how it goes, but so far I would have to advise against this update!
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    Well, after a few weeks with the MR installed I'm definitely glad I upgraded. Everything works much better. Especially BT.

    The only problem I've experienced after the update is the brownish looking text. It looks like its caused by the lcd flickering which it wasn't doing before. It's annoying because the text will be black and sharp then it'll shift to the brownish look and back to sharp again. Another good way to describe it is it looks like it's constantly shifting between using anti-aliasing and not. I've read this may be caused by a power consumption issue. Specifically, the lcd isn't getting enough juice because it's been allocated somewhere else. I wonder if they've intentionally alloted more power somewhere else with the update. Anyways, it's a minor problem but worth dealing with to have my bluetooth working.
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    I got more resets and network disconnection.

    I called Verizon. They said they will send me a new 700P but none of them are in stock anymore.
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    The network disconnects have become so bad that I have to check the phone every few minutes to make sure I'm not missing email. Unfortunately, Good, which is my email app, doesn't tell me it can't connect to the network and the Treo looks fine, so I have to try Google Maps or 4Cast to test the connection. This is unacceptable for a phone I rely on for work. Clients don't want to hear about why they can't reach me. ("I'm sorry, but my MR update screwed up the network connection...." ) If Palm or VZW don't have a solution (let alone acknoweldge there is a problem) soon, I have to move to a BB. The only question is whether I go with the VZW BB or switch to get a BB Curve.
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    What 1.1 did for me:
    1. Network connection problems. 1x never possible, EV-DO problems with connection about half the time. All in areas it worked fine before. Need to connect with a program other than versamail before getting mail.

    2. I continue to get the audible signal in/out alert despite turning it off in the prefs. And it lags for 5 sec each time it does this.

    3. Switching into and out of Blazer still has pronounced lag.

    4. Everytime I enter my Lexus and the BT connection is made. The car says i am talking on a call and goes to speakerphone even if the palm is in standby and not in use. It never used to do this.

    5. Latest version of avantgo unable to sync properly and becomes unusable with various error messages

    6. Can no longer send text messages from my desk at work due to reception issues. Never had a problem prior.

    And as an added bonus I installed most software from scratch and my calendar, splashid entries all duplicated.

    I have used palms for 12 years and got a great deal on the 700p through my work. But I dont think this agravation is worth it.
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    Has any VZW user experienced this problem reported by sprint users:
    post MR, short alerts (such as chirp) are inaudible because of a 'ramp up' in volume? This is a deal breaker for me, as I really rely on the chirp.
    I have searched and posted this question in another thread, but have gotten no reply.
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    Here's an update to my previous post after installing the MR update via the SD card vs the desktop method:

    1. Bluetooth now works properly and also seems to work much better than what it did prior to the update. I'm very pleased with this!
    2. Connection to the internet in EVDO coverage is ok, but still not as good as it was prior to the update. I can now at least connect 80-90% of the time on the first attempt. I haven't been in 1X coverage since this update, but I will be today and will have a better feel for it by the end of the day.
    3. Email is still questionable. I have upgraded my Versamail to the latest version as suggested by Palm's website, but I have had problems with deleting email and having it re-sent to my inbox (even with all the correct settings in Preferences). I deleted the account and set it back up and that seems to have fixed the problem, but I'll know more today. I still have problems connecting to the server to check email, which I rarely ever had prior to the update.
    4. Lag time between switching apps has not improved at all. I have 2day installed and that may be the culprit. Has anyone else had this type of experience with 2day?
    5. I still experience intermittent freezes during the day where no button responds until after the 5 to 10 second pause. Does anyone have a suggestion for this one?
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    Quote Originally Posted by drwillec View Post
    Has any VZW user experienced this problem reported by sprint users:
    post MR, short alerts (such as chirp) are inaudible because of a 'ramp up' in volume? This is a deal breaker for me, as I really rely on the chirp.
    I have searched and posted this question in another thread, but have gotten no reply.
    Yes, I have this issue on my v 1.10 Vz 700p. I have the ringer "escalate" option disabled, but it still starts soft. I have Versamail set to alert me on new messages, but I never hear those alerts. (OT, Versamail just stopped autosyncing my Exchange mail today, even though it worked all day yesterday without issue. It's the latest version, d/l'ed from the link posted in this forum).

    I got the phone new a few days ago. As of now, it is *far* more stable than the new 700p I tried and returned 8 months ago.
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    I was having crashes and strange behavior in several applications yesterday and did a hard re-set. After that I decided I might as well try the update. Things went well for about 35 minutes (usb method) then it said it was going to re-set and I should follow the 700p's instructions. Well it went into the endless re-set loop. After about 1 hour I talked with Verizon while it was happening. She said it was burned and they would send me a new (not refurbished) unit. I asked her if it would have 1.1 on it. She thought it would, but couldn't say for certain.
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    Installed MR onto 700P on 7/14. All went well. I backed up info. I did not do a hard reset before installing the MR. It took 31 minutes to complete the process. No data was lost when I restored.

    Phone now works with Volvo BT!! Links quickly without having to pull the battery every other day and no dropped calls...I am one happy camper.

    I only use the 700P for phone and calender that I sync with my desk top via Outlook. These functions work just fine.
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    I did a hard reset, installed the update and reloaded none of my applications to make sure one of them wasn't the cause of my stability problems. Sine the update, I now get the error 3000 like everyone else where I had zero problems before. Bluetooth does work much better and I can now use my headset with it. I have still had a few crashes, but not as many as before. I suspect that having no applications has stabilized things, but kind of defeats the purpose of having a smart phone.

    I have given up trying to get this thing working and am impatiently waiting for some other choices to come out on Verizon so I can dump this thing.
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