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    Hi there,
    I just received a replacement for my VZW 700p. I use chattermail, and for the life of me I can not remember how to have the treo showing me notification of new email on the main phone page (left upper corner), I used backupman to restore my phone, everything works fine except for that thing, and I can't remember if this was a treo preference or a chattermail preference. Any help is appreciated.
    Thank you,
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    I recall some people saying on this forum that this is a "feature" of the 1.10 ROM update. So, there's apparently no way to restore this function without going back to the old ROM version.
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    Oh well! wait and see!
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    Exactly. Check your software version. If they had updated it before you got the device to 1.10, you no longer have that feature.
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    Is any other hack or software that would bring back the main page email notification? I loved that feature. Yeah I just realized that the replacement phone was already updated to 1.10, I'm having major issues with BT paring and such, the phone seems more responsive and no sms freezes that I know off.
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    Has anyone solved this problem?
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    Visor -> Treo 650 Cingular UNLocked (Cing. Blue Phone on Orange Network) -> vzw 700p -> VZW Centro (much better)
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    From what I have read palm turned off/deleted the mail notification program to prevent a lag on the device. Is there a way to get this off a pre MR device and install it on a 1.10 device?

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    I just use 2day as my home screen. You can dial from it, go to the web....the only thing it doesn't have that the phone screen has is favorites. And it has nice notifications for SMS, emails and the rest.
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    This is totally retarded. Why in the world would they remove that.

    Maybe the developer from hobbyistsoftware can make a small patch or integrate it into one his programs, maybe Butler (cuz i have it).
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    I've been trying 2day and takephone.

    I like 2day, but it doesn't show me the new message count, it only shows me the total unread. If it could show the messages like takephone it would work great for me.
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    What's interesting is that my colleague got a brand new Treo 700p from Verizon last week, with 1.10 already installed, and he still has the e-mail indicator with the e-mail count!!

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