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    Are there any third-party skin-developers that have created an i-phone look-alike GUI for Treo/Palm OS???

    Just curious. It came up as a joke during a conversation with a friend that promptly showed my his Berry with a VERY i-phone looking interface.

    I already searched through the forums for any similar discussions and didn't see any (yet).



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    Search forum for iphony. Here is one result.

    Hope this helps,

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    thanks, just found this via google search...


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    Iphoneimitation is another one. Search Google
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    IphoneImitation also supports making itself the default launcher. Ben
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    I have been using Iphony but its issue (unless I am doing something wrong) is I cant access anything other than what I specify the buttons to be. I have to shut it off as the default launcher first. I will try IphoneImitation and see if that is better.
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    i used butler to make it a launcher and i also have zlauncher running with it. i press and hold the home button to get to zlauncher. it toggles between the two. i use iphony as a favorite of sorts.
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    I tried iphoneimitation and liked that, but you are limited to just 15 icons that you can assign, which left me with quite a few programs I could not get to easily. That's what led to my current TreoLauncher setup.

    I'm using TreoLauncher with an iphone-like set of icons on an all black wallpaper. If you search through the TreoLauncher thread you will find some good info. I have found this combo to be much more intuitive than the standard Palm icons. I set up my Main category to match closely with the iphoneimitation screen, so my most used apps are on the main page. But with TreoLauncher, a quick hit of the Home button gets me to my other categories for more programs. Seems to be the best compromise for me. YMMV.
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    I do so little with the icons on my Treo, I don't much care what it looks like. Probably 95% of my interaction is through the keyboard (which is one reason I greatly prefer the Treo to the iPhone).
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    with iphoneimitation i could only see 11 icons. can't get to that last row for some reason
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    Here is a screen shot of my main page, FWIW.

    You can easily toggle off the calendar view if you prefer, but I like to have the handy reference. I have some additional icons that I want to make to commonize the look, but it's a low priority right now.
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    I personally don't like the iPhone UI with the black background, the cool thing about the iPhone is that everything is animated and antialiased, but the particular skin and icons personally aren't very attractive to me.

    I also agree about the keyboard. I don't go into the launcher to get to my apps most of the time but use the buttons and hard keys. My launcher is more for file management than anything.
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    Here is a zlauncher themed one that I have...
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    Quote Originally Posted by dfreshthree View Post
    Here is a zlauncher themed one that I have...
    OK PLEASE tell me how you did that with Zlauncher. Thats what I have been trying to do for weeks to no avail.
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    Quote Originally Posted by dfreshthree View Post
    Here is a zlauncher themed one that I have...
    This same look could be accomplished with Treo Launcher
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    Vaccpalm...all you need to do is create an all black wallpaper(320x320) with a carbon fiber highlight bar positioned correctly at the bottom and the assorted icons that can be found all over the net...and there you go. Use 4 column and 4 row; no tabs; toggle top and bottom bar, and manual set the icons in the order you want. If you want I can post my wallpaper that I have already made, just let me know. NachoB...I love your work! I have never used Treo Launcher, so zlauncher is all I know, but it looks like another great launcher.
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    Dfreshthree thank you I appreciate it, If you get a chance to post the wallpaper it would be apprecaited but no biggie. I will search the Net for the icons. Thanks for the detailed setup.
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    Here is a new wallpaper for zlauncher, I did that more closely resembles the ip background...
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    Once again Thank you so much. Now to look for the Ipone icons.
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    ....try deviantart(dot)com
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