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    Thanks I was able to find an Icon Theme but I have one last question if you have a sec. How do I set columns to 4 and rows to 4 and maunal move them. Where in the preferences to I find this ?
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    Let us say you are going to start with your main tab....while on the main tab hit your menu button and then go to tab...4th option down should be tab properties hit that...on this screen go to icons tab...for view: select the left of that you can then choose you layout: Col:4 Row:4 ...I also have the, show name checked, name shadow checked, and zoom icon checked...font I have on the second smallest...SORT select manual and drag and drop the icons where you want... when you have it how you like go back into tab properties and change SORT to none and that will lock their positions.
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    I have to thank you again. I now have what I need and can work on my Zlauncher setup. Thanks.
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    Glad I could help and good luck!
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    Quote Originally Posted by gearhead View Post
    Here is a screen shot of my main page, FWIW.

    You can easily toggle off the calendar view if you prefer, but I like to have the handy reference. I have some additional icons that I want to make to commonize the look, but it's a low priority right now.
    Anyone have a copy of the prc to post? The site is no longer working.
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    I had someone ask me for the icon set I am using (shown above). If you are interested, they are contained in the file in post #970 of the Awesome Treo Launcher thread in this forum.
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    I had to delete it from my phone because it was causing problems.
    Want to reinstall, but need the prc again. Or if anyone wants to post their zlauncher theme that would be great!!
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    Hi all,
    I'm usually pretty good with this stuff, but right now I'm stumped! I downloaded iPhoneImitation and installed it on my treo 700p. The problem is that I can't figure out how to map the icons to the apps. Usually all one needs to to is click on the left top corner to get a menu and setup the app, but here, I click tap around and I get nothing! I'm confused, and feel like a total *****. I tried iPhoney and managed to map it perfectly, but I really wanted the feature where it becomes the default launcher, so I'd like to try out iPhoneImitation. Can someone please tell me what I need to do to map those buttons? THANK YOU SO MUCH!
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    ^ While in iphoneimitation, use the menu button to access the Options screen. This allows you to map the icons to particular apps.
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    Quote Originally Posted by SRTpusher View Post
    with iphoneimitation i could only see 11 icons. can't get to that last row for some reason
    I'm having the same problem with iphoneimitation. I can only see 11 icons. I can't see the phone, mail, web and ipod icons.

    Does anyone have any suggestions? I tried out iphony but like iphoneimation better.

    Thanks in advance.
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    ^ On my 700p, there is a small, blue button with up and down arrows on the lower right of the iphoneimitation screen. Pressing that button brings up the 4 additional icons. In addition, there is a small, blue button with left and right arrows in the middle right of the screen that brings up the ptunes controls.

    Hope that answers your question.
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    im trying to link the sms button on the iphoneimitation launcher to the sms messenger on the treo 650. but i cant find the right program. what program do i choose?
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    Thanks for the Nextar tip, where is the calculator program?
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    Duh, thanks. Not sure how i missed that.
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    I found this zlauncher theme called xphone:
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    Anyone with some know-how regarding Iconsets in zLauncher Thememaker II?

    I’m using zLauncher Thememaker II and have been attempting to create an iconset for use with zLauncher 5.44. I generate no errors after clicking “Make the Theme File”, I install the prc file using the Palm Quick Install application, I can see the iconset file in zLauncher, but there are no icons available to choose from.

    When creating the icons, I made sure to export as BMPs and leave compression off. I can’t seem to figure out what I’m missing. I’ve Googled the problem and have found no answers. Any assistance or advice would be appreciated. (I was able to create a Theme correctly but having trouble with Iconset).

    Treo 650
    Palm OS 5.4.8
    zLauncher (trial version) 5.44
    ZLauncher Thememaker II
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