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    I want to use a GPS with my 650, so my wife can get some turn by turn directions. Preferably with street names, as opposed to "right .. left ... left," but that is acceptable as well.

    What is a cheap(est) method to do this adequately. Do I need a separate receiver and separate software?

    Help. Please. Thank you.
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    Oh, Today's "What GPS software do I use?".........

    If you want simple and reliable, get Tom Tom 6. If you can find a package with a Bluetooth GPS, fine. If you can find it cheaper to buy Tom Tom 6 ($150ish) and a Bluetooth GPS ($70ish) then go that route.

    Either way, it'll be around $220-$250. Cheaper than a standalone unit, and better in terms of flexability, easy to add POI's, links to the contacts, able to call POI's directly from in TomTom, etc.

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