Hi Everyone

For those of you who aren't aware, Music One ceased Broadcasting on May 28, 2007. To be kept in the loop regarding any future relaunch attempts, please join the mailing list

The decision to close down was taken mainly due to lack of future financing of the station. I really did need to take a break from Music One to regroup with some business minds and try to come up with some new ways of financing the station into the future.

We're looking at different business models which may include other broadcasting mediums beyond just streaming online. The most viable means of achieving this is through listener suppported sponsorships. This would allow listeners or businesses who want to support the station to purchase sponsorships in the form of web advertising for up to $500 USD annually.

While nothing has been agreed on in detail this is one of the strongest business models we're working on.

If you're interested in being part of this effort to relaunch Music One, drop me an email with your feedback and comments to relaunch@m1live.com

Thanks again to everyone for your continued support!



this is kinda old news but i loved this station, my next favorite is ipartyradio...

what other stations did people start listening to that took music ones spot?