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    I just got my self the Pen Stylus for my Treo 700P. AS I was putting the Treo into my pocket I was thinking is there a chance the ink could explode in the heat of my pocket(and its summer here in NY) . I have had pens explode before in my pocket and I cant imagine a worse thing happening .

    Has that ever happened to anyone before with the Pen Stylus.
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    Pen explode? Do you mean put it in your pocket upside down and have the ink run out or putting a gel pen in your pocket with no cap on? There is not enough ink in a pen stylus to create an explosion if it was C-4.
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    LOL. I meant leak. In school when that used to happen we would say the pen exploded in my pocket. What would happen is that the heat would somehow make the pen leak. Not sure what the science is behind that.
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    Sure it wasn't becasue you were sittin on it?
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    Front Pocket.

    I searched the web and there are lots of people asking why pens explode such as this one

    But I dont see any answers. I think the heat makes the ink run or something like that.
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    I’ve had my pen/stylus for about 6 months now, now problems. It may not fit perfectly but it works when I need it, & no leaks.
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    Thank you alfonso2501

    I got the insurance so no real worrys , I was just curious.
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    I have the palm pen stylus now and no problems. I had the others offered by this site but because they sit upside down in the treo, they dried out after a month or so. I also had to put a slight bend in my palm one's because they would just slide right out.

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