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    my phone does a soft reset everytime I dial from contact or answer an incoming call... what do I do?
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    Test to see if your Contacts db is corrupt, or if there's some other software interfering.

    1. Hotsync to back up the Treo
    2. Rename your desktop /Palm/<username>/Backup directory (to say, Backup.old), where <username> is some variant of your Hotsync ID.
    3. Hard reset the Treo...delete all data
    4. Hotsync.

    This will load your PIM data, but no other software. Does it still happen? If not, then reinstall one or two apps at a time until it reoccurs...then delete the culprit.
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    I took it in to sprint and they were quick to give me a new one... About an hour after restoring my data to the new phone the same stuff started happening... It's definately somthing i am doing... now i have to figure out what that is...

    To the person who replied before i need a little bit more specific info in how to check the contact database... I am using a mac with missing sync... Let me know if any of you have any ideas on how to figure out the problem...

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    What applications do you have installed? Lets start out with that.

    If not try this do a hard reset on the new phone.

    In missing sync create a new profile say yourname1. Then tell it to sync contacts and calendar only.

    When you plug in the phone it will ask you which profile to use, use the new one you created.

    My guess is you have a 3rd party app that is causing the issue, which in that case you could just delete the apps you have installed until the problem is fixed. But I recommend starting over from scratch and installing apps until the problem happens again.
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    There are not many applications that interact with the phone as it dials and answers - the common denominator here is the contacts database.

    I suggest doing a backup then a hard reset and then do a few calls. Next, create an entry or two and try that. If no problems exist, then reinstall only the contacts database and see what happens.

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    update... It looks like font smoother was causing the issue which was weird because i was not using it to modify fonts... I just had it installed... Uninstalled reset and it works like a charm...

    Nice to know sprint was so quick to deal out a new phone though...
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    Mine resets sometimes when I make a call in general. It will freeze on "dialing" & then blamo!

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