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    I just upgraded from a 650 to a 755p on Monday.

    I was looking at someone's address book entry that should have had a photo associated with it, and it didn't. I tapped on the photo icon, and the palm seemed to freeze. I let it sit a bit, and then eventually pulled the battery. The treo then looped between the 'access powered' and 'palm' screens for a while, so I pulled the battery again.

    When it finally started up, everything that was in memory was gone. All of my contacts, calendar items, apps.

    Any idea why this would have happened? ##377 shows that it crashed in an unknown application in Emul68KMain.c, Line:456,line 1111
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    I had a freeze awhile back and pulled the battery, but while it was connected to the power source. I too lost everything and it was basically a hard reset.
    I was unsure at the time if this was some sort of warm or other type of funky reset that I had accidentally performed....?
    I've had to do another reset since then and it completed a normal reset after pulling the battery.
    I can't fully answer your question, but I had a suspicious reset too that wiped everything clean.

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